Brad Paisley Biography

Brad Douglas Paisley is an American singer and songwriter. He was born in 1972 in Glen Dale, West Virginia, where he learned the ropes about country life and music. Brad prides himself with twelve full-length studio albums, decades of tours, and an abundance of love from his fans. He has a live band called “The Drama Kings” which helps him with recordings and performance.

Brad’s Early Years

Brad often stated that his passion for country music comes from his grandfather Warren. He was the one who introduced Brad to music, gifting him with “Sears Danelectro Silvertone” and teaching him since the time he was eight.

Brad soon discovered that he was natural with the guitar, and only two years have passed before he performed in a church. The audience loved him, and he earned the podium spot on virtually every Christmas event ever since.

His life as a teenager and as a young adult were filled with music at every step, even while he studied at West Liberty State College. Just after graduating, he signed a contract with “EMI Music Publishing”.  Bred Presley concerts always differ in their style.

Brad’s Albums

  •        “Who Needs Pictures”, released in 1999
  •        “Part II”, released in 2001
  •        “Mud on the Tires”, released in 2003
  •        “Time Well Wasted”, released in 2005
  •        “Brad Paisley Christmas”, released in 2006
  •        “5th Gear”, released in 2007
  •        “Play”, released in 2008
  •        “American Saturday Night”, released in 2009
  •        “This Is Country Music”, released in 2011
  •        “Wheelhouse”, released in 2013
  •        “Moonshine in The Trunk”, released in 2014
  •        “Love and War”, released in 2017

Brad’s Band Members and Collaborators

Brad’s reputation was built on hard work, but there are (and were) people in his life who’ve helped him pave the road he walked to glory:

Active Members of “The Drama Kings”

  •        Gary Hooker on rhythm guitar
  •        Randle Currie on steel guitar
  •        Kendal Marcy on keys, banjo, and mandolin
  •        Justin Williamson on fiddle and mandolin
  •        Kenny Lewis on the bass guitar
  •        Ben Sesar on percussions

Former Members of “The Drama Kings”

  •        Jimmy Heffernan on steel guitar
  •        Ken Lush on keys
  •        Earl Clark on steel guitar
  •        Mike Johnson on steel guitar
  •        Jody Harris on guitar, mandolin, and banjo

Notable hobbies and occupations

Apart from being a master guitarist, songwriter, composer, and a performer, Brad has quite a few interests which are outside of the musical sphere:

  •        He’s a Freemason, Hiram’s Lodge member in Tennessee;
  •        A member of Southern Jurisdiction of “Scottish Rite of Freemasonry”
  •        Noble of “AAONMS” (Shriners)
  •        Brad received a number of rewards, including “top male vocalist”, “Video of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Vocal Event of the Year”, and such.

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