Lauren Alaina’s Romantic Comedy coming on November 10

Lauren Alaina – a talented American country music artist from Georgia now wants to try as an actress in a romantic comedy, showing her talent and skills even more.

This is Alaina’s first feature-length film. “Road less traveled” is a film named after her hit single that will make its television debut at 9 pm on 10th November.

In this film, Alaina stars as Charlotte, a successful songwriter that tries to balance her dream of the ideal wedding and her career. When Charlotte returns to her hometown of Harmony, Tenn. and faces her past, she starts to question her decisions and future. To make things even harder for Charlotte, she encounters with her first love, Ray (played by Donny Boaz). Without a doubt, you’ll love this movie and see Alaina as an actress.

You’ll also see Jason Burkey and Charlene Tilton.  On top of all, you’ll get the chance to hear numerous songs from her sophomore album “Road Less Traveled”.

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