What We Can Say About Joanna Newsom

Joanna Caroline Newsom was born in the state of California, Nevada City in 1982. She’s a multi-instrumentalist, an adept of harp and piano, but her occupations include singing, songwriting, and acting as well.

Joanna and Music

Partaking in several music genres during her musical career, including indie folk, avant-garde, and baroque pop, Joanna earned her fame in a rapid fashion. Even though she’s quite young, she already has four albums behind her:

  •        She wrote “The Milk-Eyed Mender” in 2004 – an indie-folk masterpiece comprised of 12 beautiful, heartfelt songs
  •        Next came the “Ys” in 2006 – Joanna took a turn with this one, swinging hard towards the progressive side. This album features only five songs, each being quite complex and unique in its own right
  •        After her second album came the “Have One on Me” in 2010 – This album was written and produced by Joanna with the help of Jim O’Rourke, Noah Georgeson, and Ryan Francesconi. This album is definitely her greatest work, as it features complex, yet beautiful songs, spanning for over two hours in total.
  •        Her latest masterpiece is the “Divers” album, revealed in 2015 – Even though the album is somewhat somber, the beauty it reflects is undeniable. The songs from “Divers” are brimming with emotions to the core, and it’s puzzling how something so strong can be so soothing at times. This might just be Joanna’s cornerstone release.

Joanna and family

Her parents Christine and William Newsom were both doctors, and they’re partially to “blame” for her creative genius. As Joanna described, her parents were idealists who didn’t want their children to suffer from exposure to negative influences, such as TV, radio, and such. Her brother Peter Newsom was in for the same “treatment”.

Happily married to Andy Samberg (American filmmaker and musician) since September 2013, Joanna became a mother just recently – she announced the pregnancy on eighth of August this year.

Other notable occupations and appearance

Joanna Newsom, apart from being a musician and a producer, also made an appearance on the screen. She appeared in “Austin City Limits” and “Portlandia” as a harpist, but she also performed at San Francisco’s Waterfield Theatre with Tim Fain and Philip Glass. She played the “steampunk doctor” in “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”, and “Sortilège” in “Inherent Vice”.

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